WinKAR - small LZMA\LZO\LZW archiver


Download WinKAR.exe directly [Size 38Kb]


You can choose any compression algorythm. LZMA - best compression, but slow. LZO - ultrafast compression, but not so good as LZMA. LZW (used in GIF) - for experiments in compression :-) We recommend LZMA for most cases and LZO for very big files.

7-zip allows to encrypt your archives only with AES. We using two ciphers (for now) - very strong soviet GOST 28147-89 and AES-candidate RC6. Both use 256-bit key (which more, than 7zip 128-bit key AES). For key-generating WinKAR uses new russian hash-standart "Stribog" (GOST 34.11-2012).

Vladislav Kabak -